350,000 Volts Rechargeable Cheetah Flashlight Stun Gun




The only Spy model with real power, it is just the right size for personal security, and big enough for a strong grip. This power tool is about the size of a mini flashlight.

  • Ultra Bright LED Flashlight , On-Off Master Safety Switch, Blaster Trigger Button, Built-In Rechargeable NiCad Battery.
  • Plug-In Power Charger Cord. And Built-In Charger. Free Leather Holster with belt loop.

Dropping Power:
A half second
blast on the neck, thigh or buttocks should drop the attacker to the ground for several minutes.
Frightening One Million Volts. The
blast is so loud, the 1,000,000 volt model is even more effective in scaring off an bad guy without actually using the stun feature. Simply slide the safety switch on, press the blast button and hear the very frightening 1 Million volt snap. The attacker will know it's a real high power stun gun and shuod run or surrender.
Bright LED Flashlight
Illuminate Those Dark Places.
Built-in rechargeable
lithium batteries and built-in charger. Plug into the wall and recharge.

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